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NDT Italiana Electronic Photofluorometer

06.170 NDT S291 Electronic Photofluorometer

Measure of fluorescent brightness of penetrants as requested by AMS 2644 (replacing MIL-I-25135), ASTM E-1417 (replacing MIL-STD-6866), EN ISO 3452-2.
The NDT S291 is listed in ASTM E-1135 and completely meets the EN 571-2.
The NDT S291 Electronic Photofluorometer is a rugged laboratory equipment specially designed to carry out fluorescence measurements faster and easier with higher accuracy due to unique features as the zero and calibration adjustment with fine sensitivity potentiometer and the digital display.
The S291 can be used also for Ultraviolet and thermical stability tests on liquid penetrants.
The S291 can be used also to measure the fluorescence of fluorescent and dual-colored magnetic powders.


Digital display: LED 000÷999
Drift: Negligible
Lamp: UV Lamp 4 Watt 365 nanometers
Primary and Secondary Filters: in accordance with Specifications
Zero and calibration: Fine potentiometers continuously adjustable (10 turns)
Power supply: 220V/50Hz, 30VA (117V/60Hz)
Dimensions: 260x210x130 mm
Weight: 3 kg
Reflectance Sample Holder: in accordance with Specifications
English instruction manual.